Iwate University Super-Computing and Information Sciences Center (ISIC) originally started in 1966 as Iwate University Computing Office. After being reorganized into Iwate University Computer Center in 1988 and then into Iwate University Super-Computing and Information Sciences Center (ISIC) in April 2001, it was organized in April 2004 to be a part of Iwate University Center for Information and Media, which also includes Iwate University Library and Iwate University Museum.

 ISIC now has a number of systems, including computer, network and distance education systems. The computer system consists of Altix3700, a global shared memory type parallel high-performance computing server for large-scale research computing, high-performance servers and more than 500 terminals for education, and a system for preparing and delivering teaching materials.

 With the course of time ISIC has evolved drastically to respond to the increasingly sophisticated and diversified demands on information processing, and to play a role as the interface between the local community and the world. Today its operation covers the construction and operational management of information systems for research and education, support for the basic education of information processing, assistance for multimedia-aided remote education, and more. It is also supporting the formation of local e-communities through a variety of means, aiming to develop together with the local community and its people, as well as with Iwate University.