About the Campus Wireless LAN (SSID:wl-iwate-u-net) which ISIC(*) manages

  • Obey the rules if you use wireless LAN on campus.
  • The purpose of use is limited to education , research and support services of education or research.
  • Use for money-making is strictly prohibited.
  • Obey the rules if you use wireless LAN on campus with your smart phone or tablet just as you would a PC.
  • If you don't have a ISIC system account, you cannot use wireless LAN on campus.
  • When you have forgotten the password of ISIC system account, please have a student identification card or a staff identification card of Iwate University and come to the ISIC.

Let's follow a rule, and keep in your mind the use which is not shameful as a member of Iwate University.

How to Use Wireless LAN (SSID:wl-iwate-u-net)

  • A wireless LAN setup is carried out to IP address automatic acquisition.
  • Choose the network ID(SSID) "wl-iwate-u-net" on your PC, smart phone or tablet.
  • Please enter "iwate+key" in the encryption key.
  • Please validate, when JavaScript is invalid.
  • A web browser is started and some web site is browsed.
    Then, it is automatically redirected to an authentication page.
  • When the authentication page is displayed, enter your ISIC system account ID and password.
  • You are redirected to the ISIC website. You can now use wireless LAN on campus.
  • Please Log out, when you end wireless LAN connection.

*ISIC ・・・ Iwate University Super Computing and Information Sciences Center

Network ID (SSID) wl-iwate-u-net
Encryption Key iwate+key
Authentication System WPA2-PSK
Encryption System AES

Campus Wireless LAN Access Points (Jun.2014)

Campus Wireless LAN Access Points (Jun.2014)