Information Security Seminar for International Students in October 2022

For all exchange students, graduate students & research students (excluding undergraduate students),
Watch the “Information Security Seminar” online and take the test!

Due Date:November 4th (Friday), 2022
If your don't pass the test,
you won't be able to use iAssistant, email or Wi-Fi at Iwate University.
■ Procedures
Step1 Go to the following URL.
Step2 Insert ID and Password distributed on paper.
Step3 Watch the video and study.
(About 15 minutes)
Step4 Take the online test.
(About 15 minutes)
*You must get a score of 80% or higher to pass.
■ Contacts

Iwate University Super-Computing and Information Sciences Center (ISIC)
TEL: 019-621-6096

Access Map